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Hey everyone! I'll be sockpuppeting for any non-blogger submissions for the 4th edition of the Asian Women Blog Carnival over the next couple of months. By this I mean that I am willing to:

- post any pieces of writing that you send me in this journal,
- credit them to whatever alias you prefer to be known by, and
- forward you the links to the posts so that you can keep track of your feedback.

If you are not a blogger and are interested in creating something for this edition, you can contact me at If you have any questions, feel free to ask!
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I am Y: cisgendered, straight, female, (Chinese) Asian-American, recent college graduate, middle-class, able-bodied, currently living in New York City. There are sets of privileges attached to all of these things that I am striving to be better aware of, so if you see me put my foot in my mouth, please call me out on it.

I plan to use this journal primarily for discussing the various instances of humanity!fail that anger me, so posts here will be sporadic (one hopes!). While I encourage debate, I want to keep this a safe space with respect to race, gender, sexuality, and disability. Thus, comments will be strictly moderated, and disrespect will not be tolerated and may result in banning.

On access and subscriptions: I grant access/subscribe to those that I know from the various corners of internet-space that we share, because we have spoken enough for me to be comfortable with doing so. If I do not know you, you are still more than welcome to add me, but be forewarned that I spend most of my time in other spaces!


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